JILLIAN LOYDEN   Retired U.S. Women's National Team Member and Professional Soccer Player - Owner/Founder Of The Keeper Institute

"I have known Erica Stewart for the past 11 years and I can confidently say there aren't many people that can match her passion for this beautiful game. Erica was one of my closest teammates at Villanova, helping and encouraging me to become the player that I am today. She led by example, living in such a way that taught me about hard work, dedication, and selflessness. Her commitment to the team was evident through her relentlessness, her leadership, and her huge heart. Her combination of her unrelenting spirit and her craftiness on the ball made for an unstoppable center midfielder. Erica has found a way to take all of her experiences as a top Division 1 soccer player and translated it to helping youth players pursue their dreams. Not only is Erica passionate about developing great soccer players, but developing great people as well. Her knowledge of the game, commitment to her players, and desire to help kids achieve all they can be is why I would send my own daughter to train with Erica."

ANN CLIFTON   Head Coach - Villanova University Women's Soccer  1997-2008

"Erica Stewart has a wonderful soccer mind and she has been able to translate her outstanding playing experience into becoming an excellent soccer trainer. She is very caring and thorough in her training sessions and is able to inspire her athletes to achieve at a very high level. I completely recommend Erica Stewart as one of the best technical trainers in the tri-state area. Your son/daughter will develop their balls skills and overall love for the game under Erica’s tutelage."

KEVIN DAVIES   Head Coach - Centenary College Women's Soccer 1997-Present

"I have known Erica Stewart for 12 years and worked with her in various capacities, as a colleague and as her Head Coach for the college team we coached together. She is a true professional who takes her coaching responsibilities seriously. Her playing background with Villanova and the Sky Blue Organization have certainly equipped her to coach players of the highest level. She is a very talented player and transfers her skills and knowledge of the game to the students she works with. Her technical sessions are very well organized and progressive which enable her students to learn a very important component of the game."


"Erica has been a godsend. She has worked with my daughter for a few short months but I already see a world of difference in her skill set as well as confidence striking the ball. My daughter adores her and requests to work with her every chance she gets. Erica is also very dedicated to the children she trains. She drove several hours to see my daughter play so she knows where to focus her training. We are simply lucky to know her."


"Full Circle Soccer is not just another run of the mill soccer training company. This company offers group and 1v1 training sessions in which my 15 year old daughter took advantage of both. The group sessions consists of training and executing what was learned in a small group setting. The 1v1 sessions brought more attention to detail of techniques that needed to be enhanced and the introduction of new skills needed for a higher level of play. The training sessions not only increased my daughter's skills but also boosted her confidence level. In four short months, she has gained the confidence to execute what she has learned and I truly believe that Full Circle Soccer's training methods has assisted Emily in reaching her most immediate goal-making and playing on the high school varsity team as a sophomore. We will continue to use Full Circle Soccer throughout Emily's high school soccer career in preparing her for her next goal-competing on a highly competitive college soccer team. Thank you Full Circle Soccer-the CP’s appreciate your dedication to helping the athletes succeed not only physically but mentally as well."


"Trainer Erica Stewart has the vision to develop an individualized training program that is challenging, motivating, and will improve your child's level of performance on the field. In just a few short month's Ms. Stewart has taken my daughter's level of play to the next level enabling her to play on a high school varsity team! I would highly recommend Ms. Stewart's training program to any age child who is interested in increasing their level of play both physically and mentally."


"Erica does a terrific job of guiding players toward technical and tactical success. She is personable and passionate about the game of soccer, and brings tangible results to any student who wants to develop in the right fashion."


"Erica Stewart trains both of my daughters and I've noticed a remarkable difference in their ability to strike the ball with power and accuracy. She explains and demonstrates the mechanics of skills so well that players improve after one session. She truly enjoys what she does and shares her love of the game with her students. Any player at any level will be able to benefit from Full Circle Soccer Training."


"If you are looking to take your game to the next level and work with extremely qualified, experienced, skilled and dedicated staff, then FULL CIRCLE is the training facility for you. Be prepared to give it your all – and then some -at every session because that is what the coaches will be doing and they expect that from you too. You will be challenged at each session and you will improve your overall fitness and skill level. We only wish that we had found Full Circle sooner."


"As the parent of a high school soccer player, I found myself searching for the proper environment and instructor to further enhance my daughter's development. Upon receiving a referral to Erica Stewart's team, my daughter proceeded to join in mid-season, which is typically problematic within the soccer community. My initial impression of Erica was extremely positive, based on her welcoming my daughter to her team, facilitating her assimilation with the squad, and immediately treating her as an equal with her peers. In observing Erica's interaction with her team, it was readily apparent and continually reinforced that she had an excellent rapport with her players, due to an informative, teaching approach, coupled with a positive, personal style and restrained sideline manner that perfectly suited the coaching of this age group. My daughter's skills and overall playing ability were greatly assisted by her time under Erica's tutelage, and she is now choosing between multiple college offers as a result of her association with Erica."


"As a parent of an NCAA collegiate graduate, I can say unequivocally that our daughter's experience with Erica Stewart during her high school years and throughout college enabled her to attain her goals and numerous accolades in college soccer. Erica's focus was not only on the technical and tactical aspects of soccer, but on the whole athlete and person. She maintained a strict training regimen that was fueled by her passion for the sport and tempered with her desire to see every athlete attain to the best of their ability. Her athletic talents are only surpassed by her dedication, kindness and caring for every person with whom she comes into contact. We would highly recommend Full Circle Soccer Training."


"Erica Stewart is someone who has greatly affected the lives of my 3 daughters both on and off the soccer fields. As a club coach for my oldest and youngest as well as a private trainer for all 3 girls, she improved their shooting techniques, 1v1 defending, and decision making skills. Her own tremendous work ethic was a model for the girls who watched her as a player and admired her as a coach. My youngest daughter has been offered spots in several D1 college soccer programs and we know we owe a debt of gratitude to Erica for helping her prepare for this next step in her soccer career."