The Full Circle Skill School is offered to players of any age and is guaranteed to improve ball skills. This program consists of 60 or 90 minute personalized 1 on 1 sessions or small group sessions, both with trainer Erica Stewart. Each player will receive instruction through detail-oriented drills where the mechanics of each skill are broken down. The Skill School includes instruction on tricks, juggling, 1v1 moves, striking the ball with power and mastering the bending ball, along with any area of work that the student may need. Through repetition, players are equipped with technical consistency to help them become creative, confident, and exciting players.


Full Circle's Team Training includes an injury-prevention warmup, followed with general topics that are worked on through technical drills and applied into a game situation where tactics are also addressed. We strive to promote hard work, sportsmanship, courtesy, being yourself and having fun.

  • Team Training Principles
  • -  Development of every player
  • -  Encouragement and constructive direction
  • -  Focused drills on technical skills and why they are necessary to learn
  • -  Implementation of skills into game situations: possession, team attacking/defending, crossing and finishing, etc
  • -  Promotion of team building, communication, and respect for others


Injury prevention, strength, conditioning, speed, agility, quickness, power, are all just the beginning.  Full Circle Soccer Training not only provides you with the physical and mental tools needed to achieve your goals, but you will learn how to use and apply them, taking you to the next level of your game.